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Does your credit card control you? 5 signs of your credit card control you

Having a credit card is almost mandatory these days. You need them to book a hotel, rent a car, or shop online. “Having credit cards is reasonable when used properly, which is associated with creating a good credit rating.” says Christopher Viale, chairman of the board of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Consultants. Viale also warns that “credit card pitfalls, not only for the purpose of creating your credit profile, obviously entail the temptation of cost overruns.” Obviously, overspending can lead to debt and possible damage to credit ratings. Here are five signs that your cards are no longer a tool for creating a loan or an asset for accumulating points and rewards, but a tool for debt.

  1. You are struggling to make a payment. If you are struggling to make a minimum payment on your cards, this is a warning sign. Make sure payments are made on time. Consider using cash to make purchases while paying off credit.

  2. You spend on rewards: rewards that come with a credit card are benefits of using a card, but you do not have to spend money to earn rewards. Remember, rewards are benefits for purchases that you were about to make. If you spend too much time getting a bonus, it may not be that big if it hurts your loan or your budget.

  3. You stick to a product below face value: this is a red flag that is above your head if you cannot qualify for cards with interest rates below 18-20%. Solid credit ratings give consumers a competitive environment, so take a closer look to make sure you get a good rate.

  4. You have more cards than you need: the more credits you have, the easier it is to spend too much. Set a limit on the number of cards you intend to have. If you find a card that suits you and your expenses better, remove the old cards and do not use them.

  5. You use your card as a status symbol: credit companies have developed luxurious cards to attract people's attention with bright colors or materials. These cards often carry high annual fees and often have high credit limits. The feeling of wearing a luxury card may disappear soon if you have a poor interest rate or an overrun.

If you find yourself constantly robbing Peter to pay Pavel, but Peter and Paul still want to be paid, then you probably need to find a way to satisfy both of them and remove them from the back. Finding an experienced lawyer is important in developing a game plan to solve your credit card debt problem.


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