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Is my credit rating very important when the bank determines my credit?

YES, your credit rating is very important in today's tough credit market. Banks will use your credit rating as a convenient mechanism for assessing the degree of risk associated with providing a potential borrower with a loan. The higher the score of the probable borrower, the lower the risk for this lender. A higher score will also determine your likelihood of getting an affordable rate and deadline. We saw that most banks refuse to issue loans solely on the basis of the credit history of this potential borrower.

The average score that lenders consider favorable is 680 or higher. Each bank is different, but some may work with 630 FICO points, while others require 680 or higher. According to our research, the average US range is from 651 to 720 over the next stormy loans.

Your credit rating will also change from time to time as your payment history determines your credit rating. If you really cannot make payments on time, this will affect your credit rating and lower your score. For example: someone with an average score of 700+ can increase their score by 20-25 points by paying their bills at the right time in a given month. Establishing or restoring a good repayment reputation will help strengthen your account.

Another thing that can lower your bill is to increase your debt and stretch your credit cards to their maximum limits. This can lower your credit rating by as much as 70-80 points.

Although it is better to have a credit card account than not to have one at all, you should still make timely payments in order to increase your credit rating. For example, one who does not have a credit card is at a higher risk than one who responsibly manages his credit cards on a monthly basis.

Before applying for a large commercial loan, one thing to keep in mind is to get your own credit report. By pulling your own credit report, you can review and view the items that we just reviewed in this short segment.

Remember: in today's diamond market, your credit rating is king!


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