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SuperCharged Secret 3 credit card utopia


Let's briefly recall:

If you followed me on this journey, learning 5 supercharged secrets for a Utopia credit card, now you know 2 very important things:

  1. Now you know how to take advantage of a zero rate credit card.
  2. Now you know that there is security in numbers, and you know the magic of "Who is who" of the major credit card companies. You know that one of them, in my opinion, stands out for consumers.

With me? Good. Both of these basic fundamentals that you must follow in order to live on a Utopia credit card.

Now let me come up with this for you.

What could be better than zero percent credit cards? What could be better than having the best, lowest, guaranteed credit card in your wallet?

1) How about cash? Will this work for you?

How about a big fat check at the end of the year, in the thousands, thousands and thousands of dollars?

Would you like to receive thousands of dollars every year, just for spending money that you already spent?

You can understand that I'm not talking directly about interest rates. But listen, I can't get much less than zero interest. I need you to think creatively with me now.

2) Reward cards, also known as promotional credit cards. Let's start there.

It's not a secret. Many of us have reward cards. In fact, I have several of them, and I get a lot of rewards for having spent with them. I get airline miles, I get gas vouchers, and I get discounts at online stores … And … I get cash.

But let me tell you about a HUGE secret that most people have not yet fully utilized for their personal and financial gain.

3) My family and I are just starting to make money using Cash-Back offers:

Cash discounts, money back cards are the ones I want to focus on with you here for a second.

How do these refund cards lower your interest rate? Well, at this stage this is a game of semantics, but if you have, for example, 9%, and you use a credit card with a refund that pays you 3% for all transactions … Well, it's like a 3% discount. at speed, so your charge is greater along the 6% line. This is not entirely true, but you understand.

More importantly, let's dig deeper.

4) I am going to tell you how TURBO-CHARGE is this mechanism, and use it for everything that is worth it.

You see, your credit company wants you to spend as much money as possible with their plastic.

Yes, they would like to charge you interest on debts. But even if you pay for it every month, do you know that they still profit from the transaction at the expense of commission sellers?

Yes, a credit card is charged to the seller for reading the card. It can vary from 1% to 6% …

This does not affect you (directly) on the consumer, but gives some idea of ​​why you can become business partners with the company that produces your credit card.

5) Disclosed Secret No. 3: This is what my family and I do:

We use our return credit card for EVERYTHING.

We simply restructured our expenses in such a way that all expenses or almost all expenses passed through our credit card with a refund.

Grocery stores, restaurants, shops, restaurants, gas … Everything. In fact, at the time of this writing, American Express® has developed a Bill-Pay system so that we can actually pay some of our bills with our money-back credit card.

Can you imagine? A credit card company is developing online accounts. Now, how is SMART?

6) Let me ask you something. How much money do you spend each year on expenses?

Do not take out your calculator because the answer is simple. You basically spend …. HOW MUCH HOW DO YOU DO

The vast majority of us do. So let me ask you the same question in a different way: how much money do you earn?

How much is 3% to 5% of this?

I will give you an example. If the average household income (and expenses) was about $ 50,000, then this means that an experienced consumer with a credit card with a cash refund could receive a check in the amount of $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 each year.

7) Holly Cape Canaveral, Batman !!! This is $ 2,500 free cash dollars every year!

What would you do with all this free money? Buy a vacation, a new TV, any decorations?

Do you understand it now?

You should begin to see your Cash-Back credit card as more than just an incentive or reward.

Honestly, this is a new source of income.

8) Now, there are details about how we do this. Everything is simple

The first thing we did was collect all our credit cards, put them in an envelope, and put this envelope in a box in the attic. We replaced all our plastic in our wallet with a credit card with a refund. We also put a debit card for emergency in our wallet, but the main payment method now is to use a money back card. It takes care of gas, food, restaurants, etc.

The second step is the process of restructuring costs through an online billing system with our credit card company.

We redirect as many costs as possible with our refund card. It takes a little time and does not happen in one day.

But do the work. Be a smart consumer like my family and I

9) There is also a perk!

Perk is outstanding! Did you think that I and my family only have one payment per month? This is the goal we are moving towards anyway.

So, think how many bills you pay each month. Wouldn't it be nice to make one payment for all your expenses, and not a check for a gas card, a check for utilities, a check for a credit card issuing company, etc.?

Think about convenience and time savings to make one payment each month.

10) A lot of information to accept, yes? Let's pause here:

If you followed my train of thought, then you have come to secret knowledge on how to extract and use the power of these money-back cards for all that they cost. If you do this, even only in the first part, you will take an incentive program that saves money and turn it into a technology that brings real income!

Pretty cool, huh? SHHH! This is a utopian secret.

We are pleased to provide you with this information and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Remember to always seek good advice from those you trust, and never turn your back on your own common sense.

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